Successful Results in Thyroid Treatment @ Asha Homeo Health Center

Successful Results in Thyroid Treatment @ Asha Homeo Health Center

When I was 30, Years old, My hairs started falling off suddenly i  felt very much fatigued , I used to get tired of the regular workouts & feeling very low in my energy , I thought it might be because of the weakness, stress or workload but gradually , I experienced more fatigue , Then after 2-3 months ,I felt my skin has become more dry & also my weight increased along with some Menstrual delay . Then I decided to see a doctor as all those problems were really bothering me, in day to day life . When I went to my doctor he advised me to go for Thyroid investigation . My reports come & to my  surprise it was diagnosed as hypothyroidism & my doctor gave me homeopathic treatment ,l suddenly felt very sad that this hypothyroidism will screw my life & I would be medicine dependent forever but with in 6 months  of homeopathic treatment to my utmost surprise my thyroid become completely
Normal. This was a miracle for me. I never knew that diseases like thyroid & diabetes can also get cured through homeopathy That's Why I wanted to share this story with everyone. Normally we all know about allopathic treatments only but I wish that everyone who is suffering from any kind of  hormone diseases such as Thyroid, Obesity, PCOD,etc or anything which is termed incurable in modern medicine,  should atleast try homeopathy Once. If has excellent remedies for all such chronic problems.

Special Thanks to Dr. Vaibhav Jain who has treated me. His faith and empathy made me believe in the homeopathic treatment . Thanks again

Asha Homeo Health Center

" Health is More Than Just absence of Symptoms & Illness. "

The Holistic Health is Essentially an Approach to Life which considers the whole person. 
Asha Homeo Health Center is an integration of Homeopathic Clinic, Community Library, Rare Medicine Bank and Academy Dedicated to "Holistic Patient Care" 
We are Dedicated to Provide best possible homeopathic Solution to your Problems.
We have union of Various Services for Providing World Class Health Facilities at affordable costs.

- Scientific Homeopathy
- New Medical Advances and Researches
- Integration of Reiki, Meditation and Healing Methods like Hypnosis
- Patient friendly Environment

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