URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS AND ROLE OF HOMEOPATHY If you are a woman, chances are high that you have had a urinary tract infection at least once in your life. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect more women than men—approximately 60% of women have had at least one. roughly 13 million women a year are visiting their doctor for the classic symptoms of an infection: pain while urinating and an urgency to frequently run to the restroom. Urinary tract infections are painful. They interfere with work. And a severe infection can move through the bladder and up into the kidneys. The best course of action is direct. Physicians and their patients often agree that antibiotics are the recommended therapy. Unfortunately, while antibiotic therapy may work, its success is often short-lived. RECURRENT URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS 60% of women have had a urinary tract infection at least once. UTIs are commonly treated with antibiotics, which may only provide short-term relief. Factors that increase your risk of infection are (3): • Sexual activity • Use of contraceptives • Oestrogen deficiency • Diabetes E. coli is normally found in the colon of even healthy adults. However, its overgrowth is kept in check by other beneficial bacteria. HOW TO PREVENT RECURRING URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS 1, When going to the bathroom always wipe front to back don't give poos a push towards your urethra. 2, After sex, go pee. 3, Before and after sex wash your genitals. 4, Steer clear of feminine hygiene projects like Duches or sprays which could upset the delicate bacterial balance of your nether regions. 5, Don't hold your pee. 6, Drinks lots of water. 7, Take shower not bath. 8, Be very discriminating when you are doctor prescribe around of antibiotics for other illnesses ask them if it is really needed and if you truly do have a bacterial infection ( the only kind of infection that is cured by antibiotics) Which treatment is the best in urinary tract infection homeopathy or allopathy? Urinary tract infection(UTI) is a common condition which we encounter in daily practice. Conventionally, it is treated with a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics have the potential to treat acute infection but cannot prevent recurrence. Here comes the role of homeopathic medicines to treat recurrent urinary tract infections. Homeopathy is very effective in controlling and reducing the frequent attacks of UTI. Homeopathy is strongly recommended in all cases of recurring Urinary tract infections.

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