worldKidney_day ( Prevention of Kidney Diseases with Homeopathy )

worldKidney_day ( Prevention of Kidney Diseases with Homeopathy ) 1, Stay active and do regular exercises! Active lifestyle lowers the stress levels and decreased the risk of chronic kidney disorder! 2, Regulate your blood pressure keep an eye over your blood pressure! High blood pressure can cause damage to the kidney ! it should be maintained in the normal range! 3, Maintain blood sugar levels: Diabetic people can get kidney diseases! Maintain the healthy levels of blood sugar to prevent kidney damage ! it can prevent diabetic nephropathy! 4, Maintain Adequate Fluid Intake : Regulate fluid intake of 2-3 lit/day to flush out toxins and waste product from your body! 5, Avoid Self Medication : Limit the use of Painkillers, steroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs! don't take any medicine without doctors prescription! 6, Quit Tobacco : Smoking or chewing tobacco reduces the blood flow to the kidney by constricting blood vessels. it impairs the function of kidneys and increases the risk of kidney cancer! 7, Healthy Diet : Decrease salt intake and avoid junk, processed food! eat healthy food normal recommended salt intake is 4-6gm/day! 8, Cheak your kidney function : Get your renal function test regularly! the general test are serum creatinine, serum urea, serum uric acid, urine routine! 9, Pee Safely : Empty your bladder whenever needed and don't delay the urge! Also, avoid using dirty washrooms, use clean washrooms to avoid urine infections. ! Kidney disease |Homeopathic treatment for UTI | Homeopathic treatment for CKD |Homeopathic treatment for kidney diseases |Homeopathic treatment for blood pressure |Best homeopathic treatment for diabetes |Best homeopathic treatment for diabetic nephropathy | Diabetic nephropathy |Diabetes treatment | Homeopathic treatment for kidney stone | Kidney stone treatment |Kidney stones |Best treatment for stone in kidneys |Best medicine for kidney stone | Best medicine for renal stones in homeopathy | Best cure for kidney stones | Best medicine for blood pressure | kidney donation | best treatment for kidney failure | Homeopathic Treatment for kidney failure 

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