Viral Fever

Viral fever  Viral fever is new dread. As you all must have seen and experienced around all of us- VIRAL FEVER is going on these days. Many people are suffering from fever, cold, cough and body ache. So we thought to make you aware about what and how of this whole event. So VIRAL FEVERS are most commonly occurring disease in today’s time. As the weather fluctuations are happening, global warming is taking place, somewhere you see floods, somewhere heat and lot of sudden changes in temperature which brings many changes in the state of health. Viral fever is one of the most common ailments happening around in such weather. Viral fever is any fever caused by the viruses. Generally it lasts for 1 week – 15 days. If you want to confirm if you have viral fever or not, you can confirm through following symptoms- - Mild to moderate fever - Chills or chilliness in the body - Moderate o severe body ache - Muscle pain or pain in legs and hands - Cough - Cold or sneezing - Weakness - Dehydration or stomach upset - flue like symptoms - Headache - Bitter taste in mouth / loss of taste Now Guys if you have any of the two or more symptoms from the above list. You should see the doctor. And yes it can be diagnosed also through some blood tests. But even only with symptoms your doctor will be able to diagnose the viral infection. And now you must have this question in your minds that how can one get or become infected of the viral fever? So the ANSWER is there are many ways one can become infected – few of them are listed below - Ingestion – yes! You can be infected through contaminated food or drink. So be careful when you eat outside or if you are eating raw food. Make sure you cook / boil food and water to avoid the infection. - Inhalation- yes! You can be infected through inhaling pollutants. In medical language we call it droplet infection. - Bites- sometimes it can happen through bite of some microorganisms or animals also. - Through touch or being in contact with someone who is having viral infection etc. thought viral fever is not totally contagious still few people can get cold cough or even fever if they stay in contact with sufferers constantly. # Kids are easy targets because of constant exposure and low immunity. Secondly if someone’s immunity is low or he/she is suffering from any disease – viral fever can attack the body system easily. Now the most important question is how it can be treated? So we want to tell you the good news – It is easily treatable with homoeopathy in very safe and fastest manner. Treatment- Your homeopath will ask you few questions related to your state and note down all the details and according to your individual symptoms, modalities, specific complaints , you will be given a REMEDY. It is just like designing a individual DRESS for you which suits your bosy type, personality and taste. Finding a homeopathic remedy for viral fever is also like finding a specific remedy for your special personality type because not all the viral fever patients have the same symptoms and not all have all the symptoms. So THE FUNDA IS – how all can have a common remedy. This applies to all the treatments in homeopathy. But unlike the old common belief that homeopathy is slow- we want to tell you that HOMEOPATHY IS THE FASTEST TREATMENT FOR VIRAL FEVER. Prevention – So along with treatment you should take following precautions to heal yourself in holistic manner and restoring the health completely – - Hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water, take coconut water of juices. - Keep an eye on electrolytes – either drink electrolytes sachets with water or take lemon water with salt. - Eat light and healthy food. Avoid oily and fatty food. - Avoid outside food. - Maintain proper hygiene - Use mosquito repellants or nets to avoid mosquito bites. - Don’t take cold food and drinks to avoid flue. - Avoid junk food. - Eat fresh food. Also we can PREVENT THE FEVERS LIKE MALARIA OR DENGUE through homeopathic preventives just like VACCINES. Indian GOVERNMENT ALSO RECOGNISES THE USE OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES IN PREVENTION OF MALARIA AND DENGUE and spreading awareness regarding this. So if You are suffering from viral fever – CHOOSE HOMEOPATHY for your health. Homeopathy is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, FAST, AFFORDABLE, AND SCIENTIFIC. And it is completely side effect free. We have hundreds of cases recorded and successfully treated with this wonderful holistic science. For treatment or queries call – Dr Vaibhav Jain , dr yamini ramesh

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