A chalazion is small cyst which develops under the eyelid. It’s a small, slow growing lump inside the eyelid. It is also known as the meibomian cyst. Sometimes people call it ‘stye” by mistake.
Chalazion is inflammation of meibomian gland or oil glands. These glands produce oil to keep eyelids moist. But if they get blocked due to some reason they might get inflamed and a lump or swelling appears on eyelid which may or may not be painful.
While stye is an infected eyelash follicle. It is completely different from the chalazion.

Causes of chalazion –
- Blockage of mebomian gland or oil glands
- Inflammation or virus affecting the oil glands of eyes
- More common in public with inflammatory conditions like seborrhoea, acne, chronic blepharitis and sometimes with viral conjunctivitis.
- Swelling on eyelid or lump.
- Redness
- Depending upon the seize and site it may disturb the vision.
- Pain or painlessness sometimes

Diagnosis- Can be made by any doctor by taking a close look at the swelling.

Treatment -
Chalazion can be treated by medicines but many times if it gets infected or becomes large eye surgeons advises surgery. But homeopathy has wonderful treatment for chalazion or meibomian cysts .
The homeopathic medicines are completely safe, quick and helps to remove the swelling and pain.
Sometimes chalazion also consists of pus inside. This can be also cured by homeopathic medicines.
I am sharing a recent case pictures here where we treated the patient only for 3 days for a big pus filled chalazion where the ophthalmologist was suggesting surgery (I & D) for removing the pus but patient consulted asha homeo health centre’s expert for his problem.
He came with a hard swelling on right lower eyelid. He has pain and itching inside the eye since almost a week. He went to eye surgeon who advised him the minor surgical procedure where they would give the incision and drain the pus along with some medication. Patient did ot want to undergo this process and came to us for the consultation where after proper case taking we prescribed few doses of homeopathic medicine which cured the whole cyst within 3 days and patient did not feel any pain, swelling or any other symptom.
Patient was saved from the surgery.

Homeopathy is fast growing medicine for all type of eye conditions including stye, chalazion, conjunctivitis, uveitis, iridocyclitis, glaucoma, cataract, eyelid twitching, low vision and many other conditions.
It can save the person from the surgery.

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